Update from Fr. Neil (4/27/20)

Here's a brief video update from Fr. Neil. This Saturday (5/2) from 10:00-2:00pm we will be collecteing food donations, parish envelopes, and CRS Rice Bowls in the walkway leading to the Atrium. If you have something to donate, please do!

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4/26 Children’s Liturgy at Home

Check out today's guide to help you and your child connect with the Gospel reading. Today we offer a simple activity to live out the story -- go for a short walk together. See the full guide here. Like the disciples in the story, we hope that being together and spending time with Jesus this [...]

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Easter Greeting from Fr. Neil

Happy Easter! We hope each of you had a joyful Easter Sunday celebration, even amidst our current circumstances. We are holding you in prayer and awaiting the time when it is safe for us to be together again. This weekend's mass will be available on our website and through a link that will be sent [...]

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Easter Children’s Liturgy at Home

Happy Easter! The Hunt is on! Check out our Children's Liturgy at Home guide to help your children hunt for their next Easter object, and an easy outline to help you share the readings and the meaning of Easter with your kids.

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Musical Reflections for Triduum

We encourage you to take some time to pray with these 5 beautiful pieces of music from our own St. Clarence Music Ministry, and with Psalms from The Liturgy of the Hours, which is prayed daily in communities of Religious Sisters and Brothers throughout the world.  Settle yourself into a comfortable space to pray and [...]

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Watch Palm Sunday Mass Here!

Welcome! Here is St. Clarence's Mass for Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion. Thank you for joining us in prayer as we enter into Holy Week! We are grateful to have the option to worship together remotely. God Bless you!

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